Patients without dental insurance

Patients Without Dental Insurance

Because of the nature of referral work and the high cost of extending credit, we must respectfully request that all patient balances be paid at the time of the actual treatment. If you are unable to pay for treatment upon completion, please advise us. We realize that this can be a problem for some of our patients,and if you need an extended period of time to make payments, we accept Visa, Mastercard, Discover or CareCredit.

CareCredit is a credit line for dental expenses. It allows you to start treatment immediately and pay over time with low minimum monthly payments. CareCredit offers 3,6 & 12 month No Interest Payments Plans.

If you have an questions about CareCredit, please contact any of our offices and our receptionist can help, or contact CareCredit directly at 1-800-365-8295.

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