Difficult Retreatment

Pre-op #3

Post isolated

Post is ready to go

7mm post (from the pulpal floor apically)

Conservative access opening, 4 canals



2 Responses to “Difficult Retreatment”

  1. Vlad,
    You got lucky! If this was truly a cast post with a large/ wide core, fishing for the post as you were able to remove it, it would have not actually happened! You would have destroy a large portion of the crown without finding your post in the palatal canal! Furthermore, you do not know how this post and crown were cemented but if the post was cemented with a resin/ glass ionomer like Fuji Plus or Vitremer, it sticks to metal and tooth structure like crazy, nevertheless, Very nice result!

  2. Thank you for your comment Sergio,
    You are right, it would have been way more difficult, may be impossible! I had a similar case few years ago that I specifically remember stopping retreatment and reappointing the patient for apical surgery. Evaluating cases before, during and after treatment helps us navigate to successful outcomes. Endo gods (as one of my friends and mentors once said) were watching over me on this one.

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