Surgical Cases


Immediate post op, Dynoblast and membrane

2 year follow up

2 year follow up

pre op

post op, MTA and calcium sulfate

1 year follow up

pre op

resin cement, post perforation

post reduced

repair with "Sequence" ceramic material

bone graft

immediate post op

4 months post op

tissues at 4 months


2 Responses to “Surgical Cases”

  1. very impressive case. hope it continues to progress. change the occlusion?
    thank you for sharing these

  2. Thanks Jim,
    I am sure you are talking about the post perforation repair. It is healing, I have an 8 months follow up now and will post 1 year. Good point about occlusion, it makes sense to create a lighter point contacts and make sure there are no interferences. I did not change her occlusion, but will evaluate it at her next follow up. Thanks.

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